Establish Home Collections

Home is our favorite place…our home and your home. Over the past twenty years, we have acquired through study and experience the knowledge that a home is not simply made of sticks and bricks but built by breathing life into ideas and dreams. We have worked to refine our skills and we have learned grand lessons from our mistakes. We have poured over every detail from the millwork to the feeling one gets when they enter a room.

Home is an expression and a form of life. Your home speaks of your dreams, your taste, your values, your memories, your traditions, and your people.  When designing for clients, a great deal of time is spent learning of them and those they love in hopes of helping to discover their expression or vision of home.  This vision then becomes their guide as we walk through the process of creating home.  Our hope is to present to you Collections, rooted in history and carefully crafted to guide you through your creation.  Collections that capture the essence of you, that delight and provide the inspiration you need to direct your expression of Home.  Use them as a tool, a gentle guard rail that help to keep you consistent in your design and curation process.  Each collection will include Architecture plans to build new, coordinating color pallets and paint, building materials, as well as unique products and antiques that clearly distinguish and support the design of the collection.  If these collections don’t yet speak to you, please check back, we are currently traveling, dreaming and designing with big hopes for more to come.