Collection 002

Farm to Modern

The integrity of lessons learned from the past and the eager anticipation of the future harvest.  Reverence held for the OLD and the thrilling enlightenment that comes from the NEW.  Organic foods and materials, nothing that the Divine didn’t fashion to begin with or inspire man to make better.   Looking to the past for the stone foundations and building with the very best we have today.  Mother Earth is beautiful and respected here.  Rich soil, vibrant green leaves, and all the textures and colors her offering.  Color pallets are muted by the sun and appreciated as they are contrasted by the shimmer of something special and new.  Seeded glass, rustic woods and simple black iron accents add variety.  Kitchens are busy with life and learning.  Each offering is given in love and has come as the fruit of sacrifice.  Together, we gather and work with our hands to create.  Having faith that the ground will yield it’s bounty once more and celebrating the coming together of what God has made and our best efforts.  Almost like a blank canvas awaiting a brush full of color and texture, with the Farm to Modern collection, we fall in love with what is as it rests between the lessons of the past and the brilliance of the future.  Here simplicity is always the ultimate sophistication, thank you.

Principal Elements

  • Neutrals like raw canvas, straw, raw linen and wheat.
  • Clean…just as nature intended it to be.
  • Textures creating the only contrast
  • Effortless reliance upon natural materials
  • Ease of living
  • Clean plaster walls
  • Raw antique wood floors
  • Rough-hewn timbers
  • Glass and steel
  • Clay pottery platters and dishes
  • Wooden spoons
  • Woven baskets