Millwork FAQ

General Product and Ordering FAQs

How is millwork measured?

All millwork is sold by linear feet (LF). A linear foot is 12 inches long measured along a straight line.

What will the final product look like?

The final product will be delivered in sticks that measure between 11 and 12 LF. Millwork is purchased linear feet, the number of sticks is determined by linear feet ordered. If a product is advertised as sold in two parts, the parts will arrive as separate sticks and will need to be mended upon installation.

What wood is the millwork made of?

Established Home millwork comes in Poplar.

Can I paint/stain the millwork?

All Establish Design millwork comes unpainted and unstained, allowing you to use the desired paint/stain for your project.

Will humidity ruin the millwork I am purchasing?

Establish Home Millwork is produced in a humidity-controlled environment that retains its quality in any humidity. This allows customers across the country to order Establish Home millwork with minimal effect to the wood once placed in new environments.

Premium woodwork is to be installed in accordance with AWI/AWMAC/WI (AWS) requirements for premium grade millwork. AWS requires the job site to be within 20-30% humidity to ensure the safety of woodwork.  More information on this can be found on the AWS website.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

Establish Home custom-designed millwork is delivered in sticks that measure between 11 and 12 LF. Therefore, the minimum order length is 11 LF.

How is millwork sold?

Our millwork is sold based on desired linear feet. Orders will always fulfill the linear feet purchased, but you may receive more linear footage than ordered to achieve minimum stick length, we do not ship partial sticks. You will only be charged for the LF in your original order.

How much millwork should I be ordering?

You will need to measure the area you plan to install the millwork, making sure that measurement is recorded in LF.  We highly recommend that you purchase 15% more LF than needed in order to ensure that you have enough to finish a project after making cuts.

What is the lead time for the millwork?

Establish Home custom-designed millwork is made to order. Generally, millwork takes 4-6 weeks to mill. Please see the product listing on our website for the most accurate lead time. Note that lead times begin after shipping payment is received.

Shipping and Delivery FAQs

How is the shipping price determined?

Shipping price is based on the weight of millwork design, quantity ordered, and delivery address.

How will I be charged for shipping?

Shipping is NOT included in the online purchase of Establish Home custom-designed millwork. Shipping will be charged as a separate cost and requires a quote.  Within 72 business hours of the millwork purchase, you will receive an email with your shipping quote.  The emails will include a custom link to pay for the shipping.

Once the shipping payment is received, the order will be pushed to production and the applicable lead time will begin.

How is millwork delivered?

All millwork is shipped freight and will be delivered on a wrapped pallet.

How can I prepare for the delivery?

It is recommended that the receiver is prepared to relocate the product indoors, either with a forklift or by hand, upon arrival to the delivery address. Upon delivery, please be prepared to inspect the product to ensure you received the correct style and quantity.

How should millwork be stored until it is installed?

We recommend that all millwork be stored inside to preserve the quality of the product. To prevent water damage and warping, Establish Home recommends that you store all millwork by laying it flat in a dry, open space such as a garage, without any additional items on top of it.

Does Establish perform installs?

Establish Home does not install millwork.

What is the return policy?

All purchases made on this website are final. Establish Home Co. does not accept returns of any kind.

Have Questions?

The Establish Home Team would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our custom millwork. Contact us today.